“As a seasoned healthcare professional with 20 yrs. experience in western medicine, I was skeptical that medical care provided in a natural, healing environment could actually resolve my symptoms. I had been to my family physician because of headaches, muscle pain, insomnia and gastric distress, only to be told that my symptoms were likely the result of stress. When I met Dr. Siow, I had already accepted my body's need to revolt against my relentless lifestyle.

During the first session, I was surprised to find myself extremely relaxed and at peace physically and emotionally. Even more surprising were the results after continued treatment! The symptoms I had become so accustomed to resolved completely and I found it easier to focus on my personal and professional life, both of which were now flourishing! Dr. Siow has a gift for healing all kinds of pain while helping her patients achieve results that go beyond physical transformation.

I credit Dr. Siow's outstanding treatment approach to my newly found ability to achieve life goals. Whether you are seeking relief from physical ailments, or trying to overcome roadblocks to your own success, I highly recommend Dr. Siow's transformative care!”

Mary J, RN.

“For several months our 12 yr. old daughter had problems with extreme gait interruptions, severe headaches, excessive refluxing and systemic weakness. We visited specialist after specialist with none able to provide either a diagnosis or a relief. Then we saw Dr. Siow. My daughter's headache reduced from a grade 8 to 4 after the first visit. Within weeks, my daughter's digestive tract was under controlled with no more nausea and refluxing. I witnessed my child who now can walk unassisted a much longer length of time, have more emergy and isn't in constant pain. Dr. Siow has vastly improved the quality of life for my daughter and our gratitude goes out to her for the help, extensive knowlegde and kindness she's given us.”

Leslie C, Mother

“I had severe back problems from a motorcycle accident. NSA has amazed me. I have gain awareness of my body I have never had. During my first visit with Dr. Siow, I felt energy blocks dissipated as correction occurred. I felt my hip dropped tension simultaneously as my jaw dropped tension. I will tell everyone that NSA not only helped my back but gave me the ability to have wellness and clarity in all areas of my life.”

Connie S, Business Owner

“I was diagnosed with MS in 2004. I moved to Colorado Springs to receive care from Dr. Siow in 2007. NSA and SRI have helped me in many ways. The physical, emotional and spiritual healing have been profound and continuous. Specifically, the numbness in my feet decreased quickly. My breath and posture were better which provided increased freedom. My depression and anxiety decreased. It helped my body unlock when it was freezing up during my illness and the death of my mother. I went from multiple falls per week to occasional falls. Recent testing has shown no active lesions.”

Bonnie S, Artist

“I have been going to Dr. Audrey Siow's office for about a year and a half. Prior to that, I saw at least four other chiropractors. The care I currently receive now is significantly better than the care I received in the past. It is the most gentle and most effective care I have experienced. The back pain I have had for most of my life has almost completely disappeared and my physical activity has increased. Not only that, but my energy is better and my whole life is changing due in part to the wonderful care I receive from Dr. Audrey. The way she cares about her patients is inspiring and stands out compared to others in the medical field that I have seen. Her sights are set on the health of her patients and it really shows in the way she relates to us. Her fire and passion is contagious and her understanding and kindness is profound. Being her patient is not only a life changing experience for me, but I have seen quite a few fellow patients have just as wonderful results as I have experienced. My whole family is seeing Dr. Audrey Siow and I recommend her to anyone I can.”

Monique S

“Dear Dr. Audrey,

I want to thank you for all the benefits I have already received from doing Network Spinal Analysis with you! When I started working with you I knew that I wanted to be more at ease with myself in my body and in my life, but I didn't realize how many changes there would be in just two months. Your ability to blend scientific and intuitive understandings of what my body needs is both amazing and accurate. You are truly gifted.

You have helped me to be more aware of my body, especially my spine, and to become more present to my experiences, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of our work together I can stand with my feet in parallel without feeling pigeon-toed for the first time in my life! There are times when I can actually feel my whole spine, from my tailbone to the top of my head. I have a growing sense of EASE in all areas of my life. Less stress, more ease, and feeling safe in my body is just plain wonderful! Increased flexibility in my spine, neck and back helps me to be more flexible in my thinking. I feel more resilient, clear and self-aware.

I even feel a greater emotional connection with my mother, something that I have longed for my whole life. I can now see how the pattern of trying to build that emotional connection with her plays out in other areas of my life by continuously trying too hard or working too hard. It is as if suddenly she has opened up to me a little bit emotionally, and now things are softer and gentler between us. This is profoundly healing. Thank you so much.

I look forward to continuing my work with you. When we began, I told you that I wanted to go all the way. I believe the NSA process will make that possible!”

In love and gratitude,

“During the past several months I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Audrey Siow and Sartori Network Wellness. I sought treatment in order to draw more success to my business. I have found the treatment to be very effective at removing hidden blocks to success and drawing out the greatest potential in myself. The changes have seemed effortless but have been significant and have served to reposition myself into a place of ease and confidence. I plan to continue my treatment for a long time as each session is uplifting and has lasting effect.”

Eric S, Business Owner

Evaluation of the Network Spinal Analysis Treatment

In 2010 Theodore A. Lamb and Michelle A. Slattery performed a study using the Retrospective Pretest-Posttest Method to evaluate the work of Dr. Audrey Siow at Satori Spinal Wisdom.
The result of this study can be found here in a brief and extended form.